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A message from the Sovereign Grand Master, Rev William Anderson

In normal circumstances, today would be an important day for the Royal Black Institution, with processions usually taking place in Scarva and Bangor.

However, as everyone is all too acutely aware, we are not living in normal circumstances, and our demonstrations have had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to cancel our summer demonstrations was taken with the health and well-being of our members, families, friends, supporters and the wider community, front and centre in our thinking.

After yesterday’s successful “12th at Home”, today I am thinking of all the Preceptories and bands who would otherwise have been parading proudly in Scarva and Bangor, thrilling huge crowds with a wonderful spectacle of music and pageantry.

I share their deep sadness that we will not be worshipping Almighty God and reading from Holy Scripture at our traditional religious services.

I know there are thousands of our supporters who are disappointed they will not be enjoying a family day out in Scarva and Bangor.

However, our sacrifices today are for the greater good, and we look forward with great enthusiasm and anticipation to witnessing for the Reformed Christian Faith next year in places such as Scarva, Bangor and all the other locations for our traditional summer demonstrations.


Rev William Anderson

Sovereign Grand Master