Brownlow House Archives



  1. In principle, all documents are available to members of the Institution for inspection – exclusions are, for example, papers referring to undecided appeals, confidential papers relating to assets and legal agreements and internal disciplinary matters.
  2. For those who are not members, or for members carrying out professional or commercial research, restrictions are placed on the availability of documents.
  3. Documents dated on or after 1 January1975 are not available.
  4. Those wishing to inspect documents are allowed to see no more than three files or books simultaneously.
  5. Those wishing to inspect documents must undertake to treat them with care and respect.  In this respect, copying by electronic or other means is not permitted.
  6. Callers wishing to do personal or family research or research a specific Preceptory or District are not required to make appointments, although this will be appreciated, but will be facilitated wherever possible.  However, access can never be guaranteed.
  7. Those wishing access to records for academic or historical research, or who are doing so commercially or professionally, are required to make appointments  in advance.
  8. Proof of identity of the person seeking access will always be required.
  9. The Institution, through the Office Administrator in the first instance, and then through the Trustees, has the absolute right to refuse access at its discretion.
  10. The Fee for issue of a certified copy of any paper is £5 per sheet.
  11. No formal fee is charged for research, but a voluntary donation to the current Designated Charity is requested.
  12. In practice in the implementation of these rules, those seeking access for commercial or professional purposes or for academic or historical research will be required to indicate the nature and purpose of their research when seeking permission for sight of documents and records.