millarWelcome to the Royal Black Institution Website

I am very conscious that many of those who visit this website will have no previous knowledge of the Institution or its aims and objectives. Others will have had contact in one way or another and perhaps will have formed opinions based on their perceptions or personal experiences.

The website has been compiled to give accurate and hopefully interesting information to enable those who view it dispassionately, and with an unbiased mind, an understanding of our Institution.

The Royal Black Institution is totally based on the teachings of Holy Scripture and is committed to the furtherance of the Christian message of the Cross. In adhering firmly to the traditions of the Reformed Christian Faith, no offence is intended to anyone or to any group.

We are at the start of a very busy summer, which has a strong international aspect this year.

The Grand Council  will meet in Cullybackey Presbyterian Church Hall on Saturday, June 27th, 2015. Taking part in this meeting will be representatives from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ghana and Australia, as well as the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

This will be the first time that all the representatives from these countries will join together for the meeting in Cullybackey and everyone is really looking forward to the day, and seeing so many old friends.

The calendar for the rest of the year is already packed as we look forward to major events.

These include the annual Sham Fight at Scarva and the Last Saturday and other demonstrations.

A lot of planning is underway and we wish everyone well as they carry on the good work of the Institution.

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I trust the information contained herein may help dispel any misconceptions based on misinformation and thus lead to a greater and more accurate understanding of the purpose, aims and objectives of the Royal Black Institution.

Most Worshipful Sir Knight Millar Farr QPM 
Sovereign Grand Master