St John’s Gospel

Distribution of Gospel of St John Booklet

At the meeting of Grand Council held in Cookstown in December 2019, Grand Chaplain, Sir Knight Raymond Adams presented the Sovereign Grand Master, Rev William Anderson with the first copy of the Gospel of John Booklet that is being distributed to all members of the Institution.

For some considerable time, it had been the vision of the Chaplains of the Institution to promote and encourage all members of the Black Institution to read God’s Word daily.      The distribution of the Gospel of John Booklet is part of that vision as there is a clear message in the Gospel of John that helps the reader to understand the truth about God, the truth about Eternity and the truth about making a choice to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.

The booklet as well as containing opening messages from the SGM and the Chaplains Committee, contains a reading plan to encourage the reader to read and understand the Gospel message in 30 days. The booklets will be distributed to all members of the Institution free of charge with the earnest prayer that all who read it will find God’s way of Salvation for their lives now and for Eternity.

In receiving his copy the SGM thanked the Chaplains for their work and vision in producing such a booklet and urged all present to ensure that it is not only distributed but that it is read and the 4 points outlined in the Chaplains message at the beginning are prayerfully considered and responded too.